When it comes to women lifestyle subscription platforms, Causebox stands head and shoulders over any other website by offering the highest quality of items at very good prices. Causebox offers boxes with a minimum value of $150 each to women from all over the world.

As a client of Causebox, you will be eligible to get 6-8 hand-curated products every 3 months. Each product has a story of its own and is passionately put together in a bundle that inspires women and makes a difference in the world. You will be able to enjoy a wide array of lifestyle products, from jewelry and home wares to unique accessories and skincare products.

Causebox is more than just a subscription service for women. Instead, this is a women-centered community that wants to cultivate a spirit of compassion and help among women. Causebox strives to create a community of women that care for each other, care about the environment and care about themselves.

What Does Causebox Offers?

On Causebox, you will be able to enjoy a regular service of subscription boxes. For instance, at the moment you can select the 2018 Summer box, which contains curated products that are useful to women from all over the globe. The products you can receive in each box are not those regular items that you can purchase online, but a unique list of gifts that can only be found in “secret” places.

Some of the items you can find in the Summer 2018 box include a Turskish organic cotton towel, reusable water bottle, foldover clutch, and some other unique items. Past boxes used to include exclusive pom-pom beanies, table runners, lavender candles, magic balm, art prints, gift cards beauty oil, ultra-natural mascara and moss reed diffuser.

Every single product that you will get in the box has its own story. Along with the products, you will get the story of how they were made and how they are used throughout the world to empower the poor and help the needy. Additionally, you will understand how each product is used to sponsor certain charities.

On Causebox.com, in addition to the subscriptions you can get, you can also stay up to date with the latest fashion news. On their blog (https://causebox.com/blog), you can read fantastic articles on topics ranging from planet, wellness & health to beauty and fashion.

Why Women Love Causebox?

More and more women are becoming thrilled to order their own curated products from Causebox. The main reason for that is that Causebox has managed to establish themselves as a leader in the fashion industry. They have managed to create a community eager to spread the news and live healthier lifestyles. They have also managed to create stories about each product in particular and to integrate all messages with causes and charities in need.

Women also love this platform because all of their products are unique, high-quality, and manufactured by socially conscious brands. Each box is packed with love, and women dig that more than anything.

How to Enjoy your Favorite Causebox Coupon

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